Germ Reaper™ UV Wand - Instantly Eliminate Germs, Bacteria and Viruses

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  • Sanitize and Sterilize an area very quickly.
  • U/V C Technology allows germs and bacteria to be killed.
  • Kills MRSA and H1N1, Ebola and much more!
  • Destroys drug resistant bacteria. Destroys many biofilms.

Kills Germs On The Go

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    Based on 3089 Reviews

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    Bought to get rid of my mothers hoarding stink... works great. Gets rid of the bacteria that's causing the smell. Recommend buying this.


    You need to buy this, some bleach and boil some water and get your carpet cleaner out. Run this across counter tops to kill germs. It works and is the most cost effective UVC device on the market. Everything else looks just as gimmicky and badly made.

    Amazon Customer.

    Worked for me , we use it once a week Keeps it clean and kills 99.9% germs. Has a UV-C Light ,Just don't look at the light or place on the skin . This is a Great Product.


    I use the wand for my kitchen and bathroom counters.

    John W.

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